Rent a cottage inexpensive

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Rent house cheap – is it possible in principle? And whether or not bother with this form of country rest, as rest in a rented country house? In general, I must say that it is a form of recreation was once very popular in Russia, and it was not so long ago – the action almost half of Chekhov’s stories are on removable cottages. Summer vacation in the summer was in pre-revolutionary Russia, the lack of necessity sewage treatment plants and air filters for industrial and irregular export of food waste were doing the major cities virtually uninhabitable during the warmer months, so that all who had the chance, tried to leave the city for the whole summer. On the other hand, get my own cottage was not every city dweller can afford, so holiday homes rented for the summer. Then rent a cottage inexpensive – although no such thing as a cottage, there was, they said, “cottage” – was simple and natural, and, moreover, is vital. Now the situation has changed. For a long time, people vacationing in their own cottages, rentals are not particularly practiced, and therefore have the impression that rental cottages – this is fun for people very wealthy. However, now the market is very busy – there are many cottages and country guest houses, so it is possible to rent a cottage inexpensive. What are the advantages of this type of holiday? First, in the order you get a completely self-contained house, where you can do what you like – even a noisy party on the occasion of some festival, though a romantic date. The level of comfort of living in a house will be commensurate with the city, and may even be somewhat superior to – modern houses are built with the latest developments in construction technology, and there exists, and heating and hot water, and internet access. On the other hand, you get to spend time in direct contact with living nature, which begins just beyond the threshold of your home, and yet so lacking in this modern city dweller. In addition, usually by taking a cottage for rent, you can gain access to additional services – to hunt, fish, go to the bathhouse… Often serves as an additional service every kind of sports equipment rentals – from tennis rackets to motor boats and snowmobiles

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